“The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise” – an invitation to read together: Number 7

Since the end of 2015, I have sent out an Invitation each week to folks both near and far, to join me in reading this beautiful and powerful book…read more

 in February

To you, dear travelers on this winding path,

it is me, Lauren,  and I call out to you, to join us as we share our hearts, our grief, our praise. It’s always tender, precious; we share hot tea, laughter, sometimes tears and always it’s a Gift for our thirsty souls.

It seems that we will be arriving at the last page of The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise, at this reading, although truly, we just never know.

We will begin all over again next time. If you’ve felt a little funny coming in the middle, although you are ALWAYS WELCOME…join us as we begin again!

Come if you can… The timing is always…-ish. If you arrive “late” we will sweep you into our circle. And be so grateful that you came.

Remember that if “Danny the Irish Setter” is outside, he has a very loud bark…is completely harmless and also pretty clueless…about cars, about most things. He’s very sweet and also large.

As the grand and fiery Sun whose face remains hidden today, slides beneath the horizon, I watch Madrone, Big Leaf Maple and Red Alder trees waving grandly and sometimes wildly, from the base of their trunk to the very tops of their branches, as one gust and then the next, leads them to another dance.  I am grateful for these graceful neighbors.

much love,


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