“The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise” – an invitation to read together: Number 4

Since the end of 2015, I have sent out an Invitation each week to folks both near and far, to join me in reading this beautiful and powerful book…read more

 in January

A call out to each of you finding ways to walk in this world with your tender heart open,

I’m a bit late sending out this notice…been swirled up in the shimmering waters of life and death this weekend.

My life-long and self-appointed GodMother, who is one week shy of 99-years-old, is, we believe, preparing to make her way Across the Great Waters. I’ve been in touch with her daughter, hearing the tales of her mama as she meanders on this Side and then the Other Side. We grew up just five houses apart, and have known and loved each other since we were three-years-old. Her mama has continued to be a big presence in my life

AND there is a brand new baby girl!!! born to dear, sweet neighbors yesterday just after noon.

Life and Death. Grief and Praise.

We’ll meet here in my little nest…reading aloud. Hope you can join us as we gather up our precious hearts and Remember ourselves. Bring snacks, a cushion to sit on if you like…I’ll have hot water, tea and honey ready for you…most importantly…join us.

with love, on a beautiful winter day,


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