a boat of Hope and Prayers

I have a friend who, as soon as we met, moved instantly into the deepest part of my heart. She is from Japan, currently living in the states.

I was finally able to speak with her on the phone a few nights ago…so grateful to hear her voice. Together on the phone we traveled through a mountainous terrain of grief and sorrow, of exhaustion, of terror, of crushing heartbreak and finally we came to a quiet place of calm.  In that place, she shared with me that she is organizing a gathering on Saturday…that’s tomorrow, 26 Mar 2011 at 3pm, to send Hope and Prayers out to all who have been touched by the continued devastation that crashes upon the shores of Japan. But she is not calling out only for her homeland of Japan, she is calling out for these messages of Hope and Prayer to flow out to all who need them, wherever they reside.

We all call this precious place home – this enormous and also tiny, glowing emerald and turquoise orb. As we continue to feel how small our world really is, it is more important than ever that each of us, all of us, in whatever way we can, find time to gather together to send hope and prayers that move around and around the world. We are all in need of hope and prayers as  devastation in one location eventually crashes hard against us all, as the ripples move ever outward.

The following is an excerpt from an email written by this heartbroken and courageous one, asking us to join together in sending Hope and Prayers out across all the sparkling waters. These blessed messages know just where to go, once we set them free. Join us on Saturday at 3pm, wherever you live, and, as she says so graciously below, whenever you can. Let the waters take your Hope and Prayers to where they are most needed.

…“I am not yet strong and prepared well enough to assist people of Japan physically.  And I thought about a small thing that I can perhaps be able to do.  With my beloved small community here on Mendocino Coast, my friends and I are preparing to have a small ritual on the beach of Big River this coming Saturday. Hoping to make some beautiful noises and sending a boat of Hopes and Prayers.  I am wondering if any of you, if you be so kind, can gather your friends and family and make a small beautiful gathering, or could be of any size, at your community, or just simply send good prayers or thoughts around this Saturday 26th, if you can remember, or anytime this Saturday, or day before, or Sunday, or Monday, or when you remember?  I am so greatly appreciated.   I Thank You So Much for reading this e-mail.  Sending you my good thoughts and love to all of you for today, tomorrow, and days to come.  I will think each of you in my heart during the gathering here.  Thank you for living in this turmoil ridden world, not giving up, but making beauties.  Please take good care of yourself.  Thirteen arigatous (japanese for thank you)”…



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